South America is full of enjoyable stuff for anyone who loves traveling. Is home to exciting activities, culture, fantastic cuisines, music, and breath-taking games. Most of these activities come at a reasonably low cost. In addition, South America is ecologically diverse attracting huge numbers of tourists each year. When you visit, you get to explore the jungles, swim in its seas and climb its attractive peaks. It is also home to the highest waterfall in the world, the largest river not forgetting the longest mountain range. All these natural attractions will ensure you have the best experience during your travel. Here are the top spots you can visit at a low cost.

Galapagos in Ecuador South America

You cannot talk of a trip to South America without mentioning the spectacular Galapagos islands. They are a series of 19 islands with various islets that were formed following a series of volcanic activities. The destination is a magical spot that will stick to your mind for a long time after traveling. The islands at one time served as Charles Darwin’s inspiration for his work on ‘Origin of Species’. Today, there are various natural wonders still available to explore. One important note to remember when visiting is to go with a reliable tour operator. They are instrumental in providing knowledge and exciting information that you won’t want to miss.


Caribbean coast in Colombia

Cartagena colombia in south america aerial view at night

Colombia is consistently named among World’s happiest countries. There is a valid reason for this. Not only does it offer great biodiversity and attractive beaches, but also its people are very friendly. Its Caribbean coast is guaranteed to please even those travelers who are hardest to impress. The trip is an easy one and can be accomplished in two or three weeks when alone. Travelling is done through the safe and affordable buses which ferry locals and tourists alike. Cartagena is a jewel in the country. It is made of building painted in pastel and a bubbly nightlife. While there, you can grab a chance to head to Minca, the isolated town. The town is perched in the mountains of Sierra Nevada. It offers excellent views that overlook the Caribbean seas.


Paraguay is understated in terms of its beauty. It is a perfect destination for travelers keen on finding a road that is less traveled. You will not see a crowd of tourists in every corner or at every attraction. Furthermore, it is not the place for people looking for pumping adventure and lively bars. It is a destination for people looking for thriving nightlife and exotic lakes.


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